The Wondrous Wild Pear Cafe – Dural

Wild Pear cafe provides an experience that is so… unexpectedly perfect. Their unique take on brunch is nothing short of heaven. I found myself second guessing my order and i couldn’t help but be interested in every dish on the menu. Hidden amongst the hills of Dural, this charming cafe overlooks a flourishing nursery. There’s nothing more relaxing then sitting outside on the verandah on a cool day, enjoying the sun and cool breeze as you devour the splendour of food.

If you have a sweet tooth or prefer something savoury, then Wild Pear Cafe has something for you. The breakfast menu is nothing short of tantalising. Whether choosing from the famous breakfast burger, the prosciutto and scrambled eggs with housemate onion relish and parmesan or the divine sugar and spice french toast, you will never be left unsatisfied. They’ve tested the boundaries of the conventional breakfast and have never looked back. And just when you start to think the creativity must be wearing thin, they introduce another original dish that makes you count down the days till your next visit.

Breakfast special house made granola with orange blossom yoghurt pannacotta, rhubarb and fresh apple

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Haloumi Stack with fresh local figs and pomegranate

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If you’ve arrived after 11:00 when brunch has ended then have no fear!! The lunch menu is just as exquisite. A relaxed take on modern Australian dining sets the perfect scene to kickback and enjoy a nice meal.

Pan fried Barramundi, Roast Pumpkin & mascarpone Lasagna and Gnocchi with Chorizo & Prawn #regram @claudschow

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In the current swarm of desert styled beverages, Wild Pear sets the bar pretty high with their brilliant adaptation of the milkshake. The rosewater strawberry and vanilla milkshake with fairy floss and crushed pistachios is absolutely ridiculous. It looks like something out of a cartoon and seriously.. who doesn’t like cartoons?

The shakes that earned us a spot in the top Milkshakes in Sydney. You know you want one

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It wouldn’t be a Wild Pear lunch without dessert #regrammed @rachaeleatith A photo posted by Wildpear Cafe (@wildpearcafe) on

You’ll never get enough of our Smashed Pav

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Wild Pear Cafe gets the Local Push.

Address: 658 Old Northern Road, Dural NSW
Contact: 9651 6600
Opening Hours: Everyday from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Instagram: @wildpearcafe